Corder Katie V.

Katie V. Corder

Digital Journalist: Web, Social Media, Writing, Video, Photo, Graphics, Animation, Marketing

Name:Katie V. Corder
Date of birth:December 07
Address:Fort Collins, CO, USA
I am digital journalist by trade, and an avid communication futurist by passion. By working in an array of different settings—newspapers, government, freelancing, non-profits and magazines—I’ve gained various skills and perspectives on the direction and needs of journalism. I was awarded dual bachelor’s degrees in the School of Journalism and Media (Multimedia) and the Department of History (American) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

So enough about my background, here is a list of some mad skills I’ve learned and accumulated over the years:
• Producing and editing video, animation, photo and audio projects.
• Managing, creating and analyzing social media posts and their reach.
• Photographing news, people and places.
• Writing blogs, news, features and online content in AP style, MLA and Chicago.
• Using HTML, CSS, and CMS to design and develop websites.
• Marketing and working with both internal and external groups in various departments.
• Researching brand strategies and website SEO and analytics.
• Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft and Mac friendly.

Outside of Journalism, I enjoy trail running, science and technology, nature, health, travel, volunteering, entrepreneurship, history, and gardening.

Work Experience

September 2015 - present

F+W Media

SEO & Audience Development Specialist

• Schedule and launch optimized landing pages designed to either capture email subscribers on WordPress websites or drive revenue on Magento eCommerce sites.
• Track email acquisition, revenue, and traffic from executed landing page strategies.
• Guide editors and marketers on top keywords to use to maximize search rankings.
• Work with co-workers and the department Manager to conduct A/B tests to improve conversion funnel strategies.
• Assist with the Social Media program for managed communities (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) by promoting the optimized content that is planned and launched by this position.
• Work with co-workers and the department Manager to create and execute relationship and content-focused link building campaigns for managed communities.
• Work alongside the department Manager to oversee general search engine optimization for managed websites.

January 2014 - September 2015

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Web Managing Editor (American Scientist magazine)

• Create and manage social media content for American Scientist magazine including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and Google+.
• Research new multimedia opportunities such as Google Hangouts On Air, upcoming social media sites, new technologies, and blog platforms.
• Create multimedia content using audio/video equipment and editing and animation software.
• Research, negotiate, commission, approve, maintain and troubleshoot new functionality and initiatives that are needed and requested.
• Field and troubleshoot inquiries from both internal and external partners regarding website functionality.
• Work with editorial staff to post issues of American Scientist and other content online.
• Manage locally hosted advertising on the site and in newsletters.
• Plan, write, edit, mail and maintain electronic newsletter emails.
• Assist in planning, writing, contributing and editing online-only content.
• Contribute editorially to the magazine and website.
• Offer input on the design, structure and functionality of the magazine’s and Sigma Xi’s websites.
• Help guide SEO and social media strategy using website and other online analytics.

Notable Achievements:

  1. From only having Facebook and Twitter, I created, manage and train others to use additional social media sites including Google+, LinkedIn company page, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
  2. Extended multimedia production from having only podcasts and some long-form, A-roll videos to documentary-style videos, videos with B-roll, animations, branded animated content, and an enhanced interactive design online, such as the managing of the blog’s look and feel and placing items online with the use of HTML, CSS and good design strategies. I also researched new multimedia equipment and laid out the new production room.
  3. Played a major role in increasing Twitter followers to over 14,500, a 4,000+ increase since my start date in January 2014.
  4. Produced and/or assisted in producing and transcribing a total of 20+ videos, animations and podcasts that were either stand-alones or partnered with magazine or online-only content.
  5. Exhibited at a local STEM event with information and hand-outs and discussed various Sigma Xi programs and publications to target audiences, such as high-schoolers, educators and scientific institutions and companies.
July 2011 - December 2013

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office...

Communications Specialist (Student Services Contractor)

• Wrote newsletters, web content, press releases, blogs, social media content, articles using AP style for internal and external audiences.
• Formatted and updated different internal and external websites using CMS, HTML and CSS.
• Maintained internal website including calendar, variety of pages and banners using CMS.
• Led collaborative effort between EPA researchers, communications staff, and Durham Public Library staff to publicize the installation of a public air-monitoring station. Coordinated the development of a ribbon-cutting ceremony and communications plan to educate the public on the event and the research.
• Produced and edited videography projects from pre- to post-production.
• Designed graphic and web content using Adobe Suite involving posters of various sizes, signs and flyers.
• Editor of Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program internal newsletter.
• Planned outreach strategies to target audiences for upcoming events and research topics of interest.

Notable Achievements:

  1. Led collaborative effort between EPA researchers, communications staff, and Durham Public Library staff to publicize the installation of a public air-monitoring station. Coordinated the development of a ribbon-cutting ceremony and communications plan to educate the public on the event and the research. Created the project’s logo and display sign with Adobe programs, wrote press releases, blogs, social media content, and a fact sheet, and took photographs, B-roll video, and live Tweeted during the opening ceremony.
  2. Designed various posters using Adobe programs for display in the building, in public, and online ranging from small to large.
  3. First editor of the Air, Climate, and Energy Research Program’s internal and external newsletter.
  4. Produced and/or collaborated in the creation of various scientific videos and photography projects for internal and external audiences.
  5. Exhibited at the 2013 ATS conference in Philadelphia by myself for three days and handed out information and items as well as discussed EPA’s Air, Climate, and Energy Research program  to target audiences, such as health professionals, other scientific organizations, and interested parties.
April 2012 - November 2013



• Photographer at NARAL’s Pro-Choice North Carolina’s “Spring Into Action: An Evening Honoring Susan Hill.”
• Helped Trig Innovation film a part of the Innovative Carolina 2013 conference for small businesses and innovators.
• Developed a portfolio website using WordPress, HTML and CSS from start to finish.
• Helped film a conference involving the N.C. Alliance for Healthy Communities.

May 2011 - July 2011

Portrait Innovations


• Took photographs of both children and adults both individually and in a group setting.
• Used various lighting styles, backdrops and props with the photos.
• Learned to frame people in the camera at different angles and types of shots.
• Edit the photos with customers by cropping, rotating and zooming in or out.
• Completed sales of the photos, printed and packaged the photos in less than 30 minutes.

May 2010 - May 2011

University of North Carolina-General Alumni...

Editorial Intern

• Wrote articles regarding Carolina news stories and features pertaining to a UNC alumni target audience.
• Produced video and audio pieces with music that were up on the website.
• Created interactive Adobe Flash CS4 pieces coding with ActionScript, took photographs, researched history of class gifts for the project and contacted various sources regarding this. Went up on the website.

August 2009 - April 2011

The Daily Tar Heel

Multimedia Journalist

• Produced projects with the use of video and audio to create visual news stories for The Daily Tar Heel Multimedia Desk online.
• Took photographs to include in projects
• Interviewed various people both on camera and off. Got in contact with sources.
• Used Final Cut Pro on a Mac to edit photos together.editing program.
• Met bi-weekly deadlines and attended weekly meetings to discuss schedules, stories and brain-storming.

Past Position: News Writer, August 2007-December 2007

• Wrote articles relevant to campus news at UNC-Chapel Hill
• Contacted and interviewed various sources about campus news.
• Photographed some photos to go along with my news stories.

May 2007 - August 2007

The State Port Pilot

News Writer Intern

• Wrote news and features articles as well as short blurbs regarding news in the Southport – Oak Island – Boiling Spring Lakes, N.C. area.
• Photographed various stories to go along with my and others’ stories.
• Wrote press releases, interviewed and contacted various sources via telephone, in person and email.
• Shadowed reporters and photographers interviewing, writing stories and photographing subjects / materials.


Volunteer Experience

January 2015 - September 2015

Fuzzy Faces Rescue

Digital Communications Specialist Volunteer
  • Assist in increasing digital communications including revamping the website, social media sites, photography/videography, and outreach to the local and regional communities.
May 2013 - December 2013

Health 2.0 NC Triangle

Volunteer Communications Specialist

• Set-up and maintain social media networking sites on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (@health20nctri).
• Help develop and advise web / blog content.
• Advertise upcoming events to increase publicity and attendance.
• Reach out to health field professionals around RTP, N.C. area.

December 2012 - October 2013

CitiWide Computer Training Center

Volunteer Website and Social Media Specialist

• Updated WordPress website using HTML and CSS.
• Updated social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with up-to-date information.
• Designed logo with new design and name using Adobe Suite.
• Contacted point-of-contact through email / phone long-distance.

March 2011 - June 2011

Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UNC

Volunteer Video Editor

• Edited footage, using Final Cut Pro
• Captured DV footage to create short films about “Carolina Myths” involving UNC student interviews.

May 2010 - October 2010

Recyclique, YIkes!

Volunteer Videographer and Editor

• Volunteered at a non-profit organization, Yikes!, over most of the summer executing videography of a biodiesel plant in Pittsboro, N.C.,
• Edited archival film using Final Cut Pro on a Mac.



Journalism; Reporting; Interviewing; Photography; Content Management Systems; WordPress; Joomla!; HTML; CSS; Audio / video equipment skills (lighting, microphones, tripods, recorders, cameras, and production); Writing online, news and features; blogging; social media; Usability tests for websites; AP style; Graphic and web design; Electronic media management skills; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, and Encoder; Windows / Mac; Final Cut Pro; Wikipedia coding; Page Maker; Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint; and basic C++.

Honors & Organizations

Honors & Organizations


  • NC Press Association Scholarship (2007)
  • David Jordan Whichard II Scholarship (2009)


  • Society Of Professional Journalists, Member, December 2014-Present
    Attended JournCamp 2014 workshop with sessions including Narrative Storytelling, The Future of Journalism, and Mobile Reporting.
  • University of North Carolina-General Alumni Association, Member, April 2011–Present
  • Save the Cape, Member, January 2015-Present
The State Port Pilot Writing

The State Port Pilot Writing

Carolina Alumni Review Writing

Carolina Alumni Review Writing

US EPA Writing: News, Blogs, Fact Sheets

US EPA Writing: News, Blogs, Fact Sheets

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Heather Thorstensen

2015 July
Manager of Communications at Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society

Katie and I work together at Sigma Xi. She is great at educating herself to stay ahead of trends surrounding the best ways to present an organization online, whether it be social media, video production, or website management. That isn’t easy to do because the technology is always changing. She isn’t afraid to try something new. She is also a great team player who listens to others and offers to pitch in on projects. I’m glad she is my colleague!

Gayle Hagler, Ph.D.

2015 May
Environmental Engineer at USEPA

Katie is a rare gem to work with – she is creative, positive, and hard-working. Katie stepped up to the plate for a major project (EPA’s Village Green Project) where we needed significant help on communications and graphic design – she brought all her skill sets to the table and significantly increased the impact of the project. She has a natural eye for design and does a fantastic job making very technical information accessible. I wish I could work with her more!

Rachel Scall

2011 October
Legal Intern at New York City Conflicts of Interest Board

(Regarding The Daily Tar Heel‘s Multimedia Desk): On top of being a talented videographer and editor, Katie was reliable and easy to work with. I could always count on her to do a great job on any project she took on and she never missed a deadline. Katie was responsible, down to earth and I loved having her on my staff.

Anthony Chuukwu, Ph.D.

2013 February
Owner, CitiWide Computer Training Center

Since working with Katie last year, Katie has shown high level reliability, attention to details and creative abilities. This is known from the website Katie has reformatted for CitiWide Computer Training Center. She had shown expert and deep knowledge of the subject matter which has resulted in a branding of our business that is near to second to none.

Thank you, Katie for a job well done. I am looking forward to continued work in the future and possibly providing you more recommendations for a brighter future.

Brian Young, MD, MBA, MS

2013 November
Healthcare Predictive Analytics--"The Data MD"

Katie helped me find a solution for my professional website and to develop it so that I can use it to further showcase my personal brand and career skills and trajectory.
She understands how to communicate a message and unify web presence to meet the design concept and purpose.
Katie has an infectious energy and congeniality that made the process fun.

Melissa Anley-Mills

2013 February
Public Information Officer US EPA Office of Research & Development

Katie-Leigh is an enthusiastic and hardworking member of the science communications team. She’s a valuable contributor to communications planning and for social media efforts. Katie-Leigh often volunteers to take the lead drafting tweets and language for other social media platforms, (which is very much appreciated)! She’s eager to help and does very nice work, including creating video content and taking photographs to tell the story of EPA research and development.

Dan Costa, Ph.D.

2012 November
National Program Director for Air, Climate and Energy Research at USEPA

Katie has worked as a student contractor for Communications supporting my research program at the EPA. She’s done a great job on all assignments and has been a great asset in all phases of communication and other related tasks. Her work on our newsletter was highly creative and the result was superlative. She has conducted literature and web searches, and is eager to take any task. She works independently and responsibly. I’m pleased to recommend her as her career moves forward.

John Masters

2015 January
Lieutenant commander (LCDR) US Public Health Service, Environmental Scientist at Environmental Protection Agency

I worked with Katie for a couple of years at the EPA. We had worked in different sections but were responsible for the same aspects of communication and outreach.

My section The Air Pollution Prevention Control Division, is responsible for cutting edge science, is very technical and not easy to communicate our work. Katie did a fantastic job of assimilating herself into the process, touching base with key research scientists and build a rapport with my scientists. They being hard to please sometimes were always satisfied with her work, which basically is describing their work, and that is not easy to do, but Katie did it well. She was thoughtful, accurate, ethical and fast. Katie has a great ability to adapt to any situation and assimilate herself into the process which is key in the modern workforce. Would be completely happy to work with her again one day.

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