Katie-Leigh CorderWelcome to my journalism portfolio and blog! My name is Katie Corder, and I am a digital journalist and SEO developer by trade, and an outdoors and tech enthusiast by passion! I’m originally from a small beach community in North Carolina, but live in the beautiful front-range area of northern Colorado—right next door to the Rocky Mountains!

Journalism has always been a long-time passion of mine since I was editor of my high school’s newspaper and an intern at the local newspaper —The State Port Pilot. I pursued my dream in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by graduating with two bachelor’s degrees in media and journalism and history. After the digital ‘revolution’ that occurred in the 2000’s, I dived deeper into digital and technical journalism, such as videos, web development and design, and search engine optimization.

My first, temporary gig right after college involved being a student services contractor at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Research and Development’s Air, Climate, and Energy Research program. This position involved writing blog posts, newsletters, fact sheets, and online content, but I also became very knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, analytics, content management systems, producing videos and photography. I traveled to Cincinnati and Oklahoma for multimedia projects as well as to Philadelphia to represent EPA Research at the 2013 American Thoracic Society conference. After two-and-a-half years and nearing the end of my contract, I landed a position at Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society.

I was the Web Managing Editor of the Society’s bi-monthly magazine, American Scientist, which included long-form, technical and scientific articles and news. This was a non-profit, member-based society, so it was fascinating to go from a governmental agency to a non-profit; however, there was a similarity between the two—the need for journalistic products that followed technological trends and user interests. Because of my increased knowledge in multimedia and web development and design, I brought a bounty of multimedia skills to the Society including videography, animation, podcasts, and more. I traveled to Glensdale, AZ, for the Society’s annual conference and conducted interviews, filming, and photographs.

One area that I really excelled and ‘leveled-up’ in involved social media management, marketing, and live Tweeting of events. This, in turn, would open doors to my future ventures. While working at the Society, my husband and I went on a two-week long camping road trip in the western area of the U.S. We fell in love with the different, laid-back cultures and the beautiful surroundings, which is one of many reasons we winded up in colorful Colorado in September 2015.
Mark and I snowshoeing in the Wild Basin.

I landed a job at F+W Media, an eCommerce and content company that focuses on people’s niche hobbies, such as crafts, hunting, and art. While learning more and more about web development and the overall structure of the Web, I started my journey as a SEO and audience development specialist. I continue to gain loads of experience in the realm of search engine optimization as well as social media and overall marketing experience. Coming from a scientific and non-profit background, this was an eye-opening experience into the world of ecommerce marketing that I’ve never experienced before.

I continue to work at F+W Media and plan on pursuing my master’s degree in a technical or digital journalism field at a nearby university in the coming year or so. I also am a part-time freelancer working with local organizations as well as blog at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Generation J blog network from time-to-time.

Outside of journalism, I am an vivid outdoors and fitness enthusiast and cat-lover. Road trips, camping and hiking are some of my passions. I enjoy traveling anywhere and everywhere while simultaneously photographing the views and memories.

Thanks for stopping by!

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