Katie-Leigh CorderWelcome to my journalism portfolio and blog! Originally from a small beach community in North Carolina, I now live in the beautiful front-range area of northern Colorado—right next door to the Rocky Mountains.

Journalism has always been a long-time passion of mine since high school, and I pursued my dream in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by graduating with two bachelor’s degrees from the School of Media and Journalism and Department of History. After the digital ‘revolution’ that occurred in the 2000’s, I dived deeper into digital and technical journalism, such as videos, web development and design, and search engine optimization.

Currently, I work at F+W Media, an eCommerce and content company that focuses on people’s niche hobbies, such as crafts, hunting, and art. It’s here that I started my journey as the SEO and Audience Development Specialist. While working at different types of organizations since graduating, I was able to build upon known skills in order to stay up-to-date with changing digital and publishing trends.

Outside of journalism, I am an vivid outdoors and fitness enthusiast and cat-lover. Road trips, camping and hiking are some of my passions. I enjoy traveling anywhere and everywhere while simultaneously photographing the views and memories.

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