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Best Tech News and Media News Sites

If you’re like me and love to stay in the know with the latest tech news and media news, then you probably have a vast list of sites you visit that offer the latest tidbits and technical updates and news, but in a world of information overload, what are the best sites to follow that will give you the most in-depth and real-time information?

Being a technical and online journalist and keeping up with such topics on a daily basis, I’ve come to find the sites that I revisit time and time again for the latest news and updates.

Here’s a list of some of the best tech news and media news sites for you to follow based on my experiences and research:

  1. Nieman Journalism Lab:

    Nieman Journalism Lab provides amazing digital journalism and media news updates on a daily basis. This popular media news site discusses the state of the media, media companies and digital journalism updates and forthcoming sites and projects. If you want only news related to journalism, then this is the site for you. Quoted directly from their site, “The Nieman Journalism Lab is an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age.” As journalism and how people receive their news continues to evolve with changing technologies and apps, the state of the media can often keep the most seasoned media professional on his/her toes. With Nieman Journalism Lab always being on top of the latest online and digital journalism updates, you’ll be sure to stay in the know of where things are going for journalism. Visit their website, and I recommend signing up for the daily and informative eNewsletter, too.

  2. Digital Trends:

    Digital Trends provides some of the best tech news and tech project updates on the web. Definitely making my list of one of my all-time favorite tech news sites out there, Digital Trends never disappoints in providing some of the best tech news, technology reviews and anything related to innovative tech ideas and projects. For me, I love to read the latest reviews on digital products, such as digital video technologies, cameras, updates to programs or sites, etc. They have a fairly informative, daily eNewsletter, as well, but I recommend following them on Twitter and Facebook for real-time articles on upcoming technologies and tech projects. Visit their website, Facebook and Twitter.

  3. The Next Web:

    The Next Web provides awesome online, apps and tech news updates.Similar to Digital Trends, The Next Web tends to focus more so on technical websites, such as browsers and Google Analytics updates, applications, and tech business and culture news. They give an insightful overview of upcoming or implemented tech projects where you’ll always love their clear and concise writing. I recommend following them on Twitter and their website.

  4. Moz:

    Moz is the best option for anyone looking to dive into SEO and online marketing with tech blogs, applications and more. For those who are more into SEO and marketing, then Moz is the best site for such updates and tech news. They have awesome, informative eNewsletters on various topics, a beautifully designed and well-updated blog, and great analytical and SEO tools (some free, some require payment). The expert advice on this site, especially their blog, will help you increase your site’s visibility as well as your knowledge in learning the best ways to approach SEO and content marketing in general. From beginner marketing and SEO to more in-depth information, you’ll find it all on Moz; don’t miss out this amazing resource. I recommend checking out their website, Blog and Twitter.

There are plenty of other sites that discuss technology news, media news and SEO items, but start with these recommended sites to get the best of the best and stay well-informed of the most important tech and media updates out there.

Do you have other sites you follow for tech news and media news? Share them below in the comments, and I’ll add them to my blog!

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