Throughout my career, I’ve taken photos for newspapers, magazines, the USEPA, non-profits, and for pleasure. Below are some galleries of photographs I’ve taken at various times throughout my life:

College photographs for both classwork and The Daily Tar Heel:
Ryan "Salt" Mac Millian, radio host for 96.1.Ryan "Salt" Mac Millan, 33, is a radio announcer in the mornings with the Salt and Demetri morning show for the station 96rock in the Triangle area.New Smoking Ordinances on UNC Campus.UNC students take a cigarette break around the flag pole, one of the only legal places to light up on campus.Trail of Dreams Protest in Durham, NC, 2011.Brian Heim Rap ArtistUNC's famous Old Well in the springtime.Celebrating UNC Basketball Victory.

Photographs taken at the US EPA and Sigma Xi from 2011–2014:
EPA's Village Green Project Research Bench outside of a Durham public library.Jack Bishop examines his personal beehives in NC and discusses the importance of genetics and saving the honeybee.Sheila Patek discussing her research with mantis shrimp, one of the fastest moving animals on Earth.Back of the Air Quality Measurement vehicle at the EPA, which is used to measure air pollutants.Bill Shuster, Ph.D., measures rainfall in a Cincinnati green space.

Scenic photographs:
Soapstone Prairie goes as far as the eyes can see and is the recent home for bison.Moraine Campsite view of snow approaching over the Rocky Mountains.Grey Lines: Interesting cloud formation over the ocean in Southport, NC.View of the Rocky Mountains on the way to Gem LakeGreat Sand Dunes view from backcountry campsite.How small our tent looks from the top of a dune!At the very top of Horsetooth Rock in Fort Collins!My hometown in North Carolina, Southport. This is the view of the Waterfront in Southport!UNC-Chapel Hill's Arboretum Trail.Top of a hill in Howth, Ireland.Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, GermanyShip coming back to port in Howth, Ireland.Edinburgh Castle, ScotlandWater on an Impatien flowerVivid Colors