Becoming Familiar with RTP’s Health Expertise

Last week, the organization Health 2.0 NC Triangle held their “Blazing the Trail” event, which brought members together to network, learn about upcoming health and health IT news and path the way for the organization to take off. Well over 100 people showed up to listen to a few well-known health experts discussing various health topics.

I reached out using social media including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and G+ to gain attention of the event and organization. While at the event, I live tweeted and took some photos of the event. We are now in the process of creating our website and blog to further promote the vivid and expansive health and health IT opportunities in the Research Triangle Park area.

I’ve always been interested in science / health and technology and find that this group allows me to become more informed about not only local, but nationwide health topics. One of the cool things that I got to try on while at the event was the very popular Google Glass, a beta version:

Lubinsky Google Glass

These were AWESOME. You could scroll on the side of the frame (see above) with your finger to look at all sorts of different types of apps and webpages. It wasn’t exactly what I expected with only a thick, rectangular glass on one side of the frame.

Keep a look out for future Health 2.0 NC Triangle events around the RTP, N.C., area!