Starting in my first gig post-college in 2011, I’ve become an expert in all things social media. From posting and scheduling on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others to measuring success and creating ads, I’m confident in my ability to create a successful social media strategy and campaign. One skill gained throughout my experiences includes taking very technical and scientific information and placing it in an accurate, way shorter post! Below are some of my recent social media successes (note old links may not work):

Prior to sharing this article on Facebook, I updated the article with SEO optimizations and included better images. This article’s Facebook post from May 2017 received the following metrics:Example of a successful social media post for Sky and Telescope magazine by Katie Corder.

The image connected with this Pin is from Interweave’s beading site and is a SEO power page I created in the summer of 2016. It was (and continues to be) one of the all-time successful pins for Beading Daily and Interweave where it’s gathered a total of over 18K re-Pins and 1,500 likes.

I created and helped build up American Scientist magazine’s Pinterest profile…
American Scientist magazine's Pinterest profile

Instagram account…:
American Scientist magazine's Instagram account

And their YouTube channel:
American Scientist magazine's YouTube account