“Katie has done wonders for my organizations webpage! A joy to work with and each task was discussed with ease. I felt that Katie was very knowledgeable on many topics and taught me quite a bit so that I can keep my site looking good and functioning at a high level.”–Melody Bettenhausen, Development Director at Ensight Skills Center (September 2017)

“Katie is full of energy and enthusiasm, always ready and willing to pursue new projects. She is fun to work with and will get along with anyone, even in challenging environments. But her most outstanding quality is her diversity in skills and ability to pivot between tasks that require very different skillsets, as is clear from her work history. It’s not easy to find someone who can excel in both the technical and creative aspects of their jobs, so Katie was a rare find. I feel very glad to have worked with her and have no doubt others feel the same.”—Chanelle Leslie, Marketing Director at oVertone Haircare Inc. (January 2017)

“Katie and I work together at Sigma Xi. She is great at educating herself to stay ahead of trends surrounding the best ways to present an organization online, whether it be social media, video production, or website management. That isn’t easy to do because the technology is always changing. She isn’t afraid to try something new. She is also a great team player who listens to others and offers to pitch in on projects. I’m glad she is my colleague!”—Heather Thorstensen, Manager of Communications at Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society (July 2015)

“Katie is a rare gem to work with—she is creative, positive, and hard-working. Katie stepped up to the plate for a major project (EPA’s Village Green Project) where we needed significant help on communications and graphic design – she brought all her skill sets to the table and significantly increased the impact of the project. She has a natural eye for design and does a fantastic job making very technical information accessible. I wish I could work with her more!”—Gayle Hagler, Ph.D, Acting Assistant Laboratory Director for Air, Climate, and Energy at US EPA (May 2015)

“I worked with Katie for a couple of years at the EPA. We had worked in different sections but were responsible for the same aspects of communication and outreach.

My section The Air Pollution Prevention Control Division, is responsible for cutting edge science, is very technical and not easy to communicate our work. Katie did a fantastic job of assimilating herself into the process, touching base with key research scientists and build a rapport with my scientists. They being hard to please sometimes were always satisfied with her work, which basically is describing their work, and that is not easy to do, but Katie did it well. She was thoughtful, accurate, ethical and fast. Katie has a great ability to adapt to any situation and assimilate herself into the process which is key in the modern workforce. Would be completely happy to work with her again one day.”—John Masters, Lieutenant commander (LCDR) US Public Health Service, Environmental Scientist/ at Environmental Protection Agency (January 2015)

“Katie-Leigh is an enthusiastic and hardworking member of the science communications team. She’s a valuable contributor to communications planning and for social media efforts. Katie-Leigh often volunteers to take the lead drafting tweets and language for other social media platforms, (which is very much appreciated)! She’s eager to help and does very nice work, including creating video content and taking photographs to tell the story of EPA research and development.”—Melissa Anley-Mills, Public Information Officer US EPA Office of Research & Development (February 2013)

“Katie is a diligent worker who is always willing to help out and produces very good work.”—Tim Watkins, EPS at US EPA (January 2013)

“Katie helped me find a solution for my professional website and to develop it so that I can use it to further showcase my personal brand and career skills and trajectory.

She understands how to communicate a message and unify web presence to meet the design concept and purpose.

Katie has an infectious energy and congeniality that made the process fun.”—Brian Young, MD, MBA, MS, Health Care Predictive Analytics, Physician Data Scientist (November 2013)

“Since working with Katie last year, Katie has shown high level reliability, attention to details and creative abilities. This is known from the website Katie has reformatted for CitiWide Computer Training Center. She had shown expert and deep knowledge of the subject matter which has resulted in a branding of our business that is near to second to none.

Thank you, Katie for a job well done. I am looking forward to continued work in the future and possibly providing you more recommendations for a brighter future.”—Anthony Chuukwu, Ph.D, Executive Director, CitiWide Computer Training Center (February 2013)

“Katie has worked as a student contractor for Communications supporting my research program at the EPA. She’s done a great job on all assignments and has been a great asset in all phases of communication and other related tasks. Her work on our newsletter was highly creative and the result was superlative. She has conducted literature and web searches, and is eager to take any task. She works independently and responsibly. I’m pleased to recommend her as her career moves forward.”—Dan Costa, Ph.D, National Program Director for Air, Climate and Energy Research at USEPA (November 2012)

“On top of being a talented videographer and editor [at The Daily Tar Heel], Katie was reliable and easy to work with. I could always count on her to do a great job on any project she took on and she never missed a deadline. Katie was responsible, down to earth and I loved having her on my staff.”—Rachel Scall, Law Clerk/JD at Greenberg Traurig, LLP (October 2011)