While at the UNC School of Media and Journalism, I learned many documentary techniques including audio recording, videography (pre- to post-production), lighting techniques and equipment, interviewing skills, and editing this all together with Audio Audition and/or Final Cut Pro.

Brian Heim: Your boy, Rhetoric (May 2011)

(This was a story I thought was very interesting in terms of how someone wants to pursue their musical abilities and dreams from a small town during a time of self-discovery in college.)

UNC-Chapel Hill junior Brian Heim is an aspiring rap artist from Goldsboro, N.C.

He can rap on the spot to any musical beat ranging from country songs on the radio to ukulele songs on Franklin Street with friends.

His past, talents and motivations push him closer to his one desire—to one day become a famous rap artist, along with his crew—#FamousGang.

Bringing Bliss to Community House (October 2009; this video was originally a school project but was also published at The Daily Tar Heel)

Every night at the close of business, Mike Taylor, owner of Bliss Boutique Bakery, brings the day’s extra baked goods to Community House on the corner of Rosemary and Columbia St.