Being able to design and development a website is vital in crafting an online presence for audiences. I’ve had many experiences in creating websites from updating and troubleshooting internal and external sites on a daily and real-time basis as well as creating a website from scratch using various tools and skills.

Skills for updating and maintaining websites:

  • Content Management Systems
      • WordPress
      • Joomla!
      • Drupal
    • PageBuilder in GoDaddy
  • HTML/CSS coding
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Technical SEO: robots.txt file, sitemaps, troubleshooting site errors, backlink audits and disavow files, HTML improvements, URL parameters, site structure etc.
    • Content SEO: on-page optimizations, code clean-up, image optimizations, keyword research and implementation, description text, tags/categories, trends analysis, duplicate content fixes, etc.
    • Competitive SEO: Link building, social media, keyword ranking, comparing to competitors, ecommerce SEO, etc.
  • Adobe Creative Suite including DreamWeaver, Illustrator and PhotoShop
  • WordPress plugins and themes as well as implementing modern web design tools and trends for better UX.
  • Analytics including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Looker, Google Search Console, Moz, BrightEdge and other vital tools in finding opportunities and tracking results.

Ensight Skills Center (Freelance)

Before and after screenshots of updating the home page of Ensight Skills Center‘s site. The first one is from May 2017 before I worked on it and the second one is after finalizing the site’s home page.

Click on the first image to zoom and view each:

Before and after redesigning the home page on Ensight Skills Center.

Also, I made major repairs to the the footer area of Ensight Skills. Below are the before and after shots of the footer area:

Before and after redesigning the footer on Ensight Skills Center.

“Katie has done wonders for my organization’s web page! A joy to work with and each task was discussed with ease. I felt that Katie was very knowledgeable on many topics and taught me quite a bit so that I can keep my site looking good and functioning at a high level.”–Melody Bettenhausen, Development Director at Ensight Skills Center (September 2017)

Interweave (SEO at F+W Media)

Before and after screenshots of updating a top organically performing post on on a Single Crochet Two Together Tutorial. The first one is from late 2016 before I worked on it and the second one is after finalizing the page—both design and SEO-wise.

This page is one of the top organic pages for the entire Interweave site after updating it with cleaner HTML, better images, and a cleaner and more readable layout that includes lists, headers and internal links. I also updated the images where the previous three separate images are now in one large image for better social sharing:

Click on the first image to zoom and view each: